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Team Building at Sagana Getaway Resort – Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Imagine stepping away from the boardroom, leaving PowerPoint behind, and immersing your executive team in an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Kenyan nature. Sounds pretty good, right? At Sagana Getaway Resort, nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, team building goes beyond ordinary workshops and retreats. It’s about rejuvenating, reconnecting, and recharging your team while fostering collaboration, communication, and unleashing hidden potential.

Why Choose Sagana for Your Team Building Retreat?

Sagana Getaway Resort isn’t just about stunning scenery and comfortable accommodations. It provides a unique backdrop for team building activities, combining exhilarating challenges, captivating scenery, and cultural immersion. This blend:

  • Breaks down silos and barriers: Shared experiences outside the office create a level playing field, fostering camaraderie and understanding.
  • Boosts communication and collaboration: Working together to overcome challenges encourages active listening, problem-solving, and trust.
  • Enhances creativity and innovation: Stepping outside the usual routine stimulates fresh perspectives and inspires new ideas.
  • Improves leadership and decision-making: Real-life scenarios provide opportunities to showcase and develop leadership skills.
  • Strengthens team spirit and morale: Shared successes and laughter build a strong team bond, boosting motivation and engagement.


Unleash Your Adventure: Team Building Activities in Sagana

With a plethora of activities available at Sagana Getaway Resort and beyond, you can curate a personalized itinerary tailored to your team’s size, interests, and desired outcomes. Here are some exciting options:

Thrilling Challenges:

  • Rafting on the Sagana River: Navigate Class III rapids together, requiring teamwork, communication, and quick thinking.
  • Bungee Jumping: Face your fears together with this heart-pounding activity – perfect for building trust and pushing boundaries.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Explore the diverse landscape, seeking hidden clues and completing challenges that encourage collaboration and problem-solving.

Cultural Immersion:

  • Traditional Cooking Class: Immerse yourselves in Kenyan cuisine, learning techniques and sharing laughs while preparing a delicious meal together.
  • Village Tour: Get to know the local community, experience their way of life, and gain a deeper understanding of Kenyan culture.
  • Coffee Farm Visit: Discover the journey of Kenyan coffee, from bean to cup, with an interactive tour and tasting.

Creative & Collaborative Activities:

  • Archery and Target Shooting: Hone your focus and precision through friendly competition, building trust and camaraderie.
  • Team Building Olympics: Participate in a series of fun and engaging challenges, from obstacle courses to water balloon games, fostering teamwork and celebrating each other’s strengths.
  • Campfire Storytelling: Share personal stories and experiences around a crackling fire, connecting on a deeper level and strengthening team bonds.


Remember, you’re not limited to activities within Sagana Getaway Resort! Partner with team building facilitators, to explore options around Sagana. They can help you design a program that includes:

  • Needs assessment: Identifying your team’s challenges and desired outcomes.
  • Customized activities: Selecting and designing activities that align with your goals.
  • Facilitation and guidance: Experienced facilitators ensure a smooth and impactful experience.
  • Evaluation and follow-up: Measuring the impact of the program and providing resources for continued development.

Beyond the Activities: Additional Benefits of Team Building in Sagana

  • Stunning Accommodation: Relax and recharge in comfortable cottages and guest rooms, surrounded by serene natural beauty.
  • Delicious Cuisine: Savor delectable Kenyan and international dishes prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Unforgettable Experiences: Create lasting memories and strengthen team bonds with unique and adventurous activities.
  • Invest in Your Team’s Success: Team building is not just an expense; it’s an investment in your team’s collaboration, communication, and overall success.

Ready to unleash your team’s potential in the heart of Kenyan paradise? Contact TEMBEA LEO, +254 722749407, today to start planning your unforgettable team building retreat. With their wide range of activities, stunning setting, and commitment to your team’s success, you’re guaranteed an experience that will leave a lasting impact.


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